Advertisements is the employee payslip portal of Nordstrom Inc. Mynordstrom allows the employees of Nordstrom to access their payslips online. Mynordstrom portal displays the payslips online and provides an option to take print outs of the payslips at anytime. In addition to payslips the employee has the benefit of accessing the retirement plans, holiday vacations, employee discounts, Nordstrom incentives, health plans etc,. The employees can access the details of their benefit plans for their position in the company by logging in to this account from their personal dashboard @
  • Employees log in to by making use of their employee id and password
  • Reset Password: Those who are logging in for the first time with their department given password should consider changing the password by making use of the “reset” link and following the subsequent onscreen instructions.
  • Request Password: If you do not have a password to log in you can request for a password by clicking on the “reset” and following the subsequent onscreen instructions.
  • Forgot Password: If you have forgotten the password you have to click on the “forgot password” link and you should follow the subsequent onscreen instructions
Nordstrom are a chain of department stores operated by an American Incorporation. Nordstrom
employees are those who work for Nordstrom. The protocol requires that every Nordstrom
employee respect the confidentiality of the information related to the operation of the business.
The employees are expected to handle the business information in complete compliance with the
terms of the privacy policy.

New Hires
Those who are new hires should click on the “new hire” link that is found down on the right
hand side of the screen. This will lead to a page that will prompt for the “new hire” to identify
themselves by providing with the “username” and “password.” Those new hires who are not
registered need to click on the “new user” button and should follow the onscreen instructions in
order to create the account.

Not an Employee
Those who are not yet a “new hire” should click on the “not an employee” link near the “new
hire” button that is found down on the right hand side of the screen. This will lead them to the
careers page and they will be able to explore the opportunities for employment provided by
Nordstrom Stores. Nordstrom Careers are found in different sectors like the retail sector,
headquarters, international, and student center. Depending upon the kind of employment you are
looking for you need to click the respective buttons accordingly.

Nordstrom is also open to internship opportunities. One can apply for different internships
offered by the company in different locations. When applying for internships you should be
looking for the time commitment required for the process.

Outstanding Work
Nordstrom rewards outstanding work. It is a great place to grow one’s career. The workplace
culture is filled with fun, support and competition. The workplace is consistently geared
towards satisfying customer needs making them feel good.
Those who are making a career with Nordstrom will benefit from the exclusive benefit package
with appropriate medical benefits, fabulous merchandise discount, employer-matched retirement
plan and lot more.